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This hostel was built as a home for the local forester nearly 100 years ago. It is in central Jokkmokk at walking distance from shops, tourist attractions, restaurants and the tourist information office.


In addition to its renowned market, there are many reasons to visit Jokkmokk. Sarek and Padjelanta national parks are nearby and attract tourists from all over the globe. The world heritage site Laponia offers a fascinating insight into the history, lifestyle and traditions of the Sami culture as does the Fjäll- och Samemuseet Ájtte (Mountain and Sami Museum), also in Jokkmokk.



We strive towards sustainability in everything we do. On our breakfast buffet, we serve homemade, locally produced and organic products as far as possible. Here you can find homemade bread, granola, marmalade and jam, sallow and lichen smoked ham, Jokkmokk sausage (award-winning products!), different types of yoghurt, eggs, vegetables and fruit. We often serve an additional surprise: an omelet, smoothie or a traditional “gubbröra”; pickled herring, eggs, potatoes in sour cream and mayonnaise. 


To reduce waste of food we choose not to plate everything at once. Instead, we fill up the plates and bowls continuously, so help yourself! There is more.


There are always lactose, milk protein, and gluten free alternatives – just let us know! Do not hesitate to ask us about the food if you have allergies.